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Sharp Stories

Customer Testimonials

For me, the best part about Leclair Knives is building relationships with my customers and making sure they leave happy and satisfied. I’ve included some of their feedback below to give a snapshot of what it’s like to work with me. If you have feedback or a testimonial you’d like to add, feel free to reach out today.

It has been a privilege to own multiple knives crafted by Jason and I actively take every opportunity available to promote his work to others. All Leclair knives I own have proven to be sturdy, reliable, incredibly functional, and as Jason is an artist, crafted with beautiful materials with top notch fit and finish. I am a repeat customer with no regrets!

Wesley Worswick

I have had Jason make several knives for me, and have a Damascus hunter that was gifted to me as well. The edges are incredible. One knife in particular never ceases to amaze me, a French Chef's knife that I ordered with a bit more rocker in the blade . I use this knife everyday, and just recently finished cutting up four shopping bags full of frozen moose meat for grinding . Fantastic blade!

David Henry Todd

I had Jason Make me a custom Chef knife and could not be happier with the final product. 15" overall with a 10" blade, purple burl handle and 3 mosaic pins. it's just a beautiful piece that has great feel in the hand and cuts fantastically. We worked collaboratively on the design. It was a fun project with a great end product. I would not hesitate recommending Leclair Knives to anyone looking for a quality knife.

Kevin Orpana

Jason Makes Incredibly beautiful knives. I have one of his knives that I asked him to make to my size specs. He allowed me to pick the handle material and all the trimmings. Well worth the weight in gold guys. Don't wait till he gets crazy busy, you will regret it bu now before your friends then they can ask to borrow yours!

Darrell Barker

I purchased a skinning knife for my girlfriend for Christmas and I have to say, it surpassed my expectations by far! Beautiful craftsmanship. Excellent professionalism. On time arrival. What more could you ask for? Huge thanks to Jason and his wife to a job well done.

Corey Fraser

Quality hand crafted knives by a true artisan - one who also knows how to make a customer know they are receiving service perfectly tailored to their specific requirements. Ordering my three matched Knives was an exciting and gratifying experience. Highly recommended!

Crystal JT Kennedy

I just received my custom Hunter from Leclair Knives, now let me tell you this is a Beautiful Beast, by far my favorite from now on and will be put to the test this fall on elk and deer, this is just a great knife!!

Oscar Rodriguez-Gurrea

I just picked up my first knife and have ordered the second one, it is a fine peace of work can't wait to get the next one, Glen

Glen Patton

I ordered a kitchen knife from Jason, it has Stainless steel and the most beautiful wood I have ever seen, the balance on this knife is amazing. How it handles when cutting up meat or veggies in the kitchen far surpasses any knife I have ever used. My Wife is very impressed with this knife as she is an excellent cook so having a good knife in the kitchen is a great asset. I would recommend Jason's knives to any one who is looking for a quality knife with a very sharp blade and a look that will get admiration from all who see it. I am thinking of getting a range of sizes all in the same wood and steel so that I have a complete kitchen set. You won't be disappointed with a knife from this gentleman, in fact you might just go out and tell your friends to come order one from him. You get a well designed knife that will be your signature knife for years to come.

Jim McCulagh

I recently received a knife from Leclair Knives. The knife has been in use in our kitchen, it has performed very well, slices well and holds a good edge. One thing that I would do on this particular knife is make the handle a little longer, other than that it is a great little knife. I am very pleased with it.

Dale Edwards

I received this knife as a gift. The color and grain in the handle is gorgeous and the finish work thru out is immaculate (enough to earn a spot in my display case). It didn't stay there for long, the weight and balance is great and after a few uses it replaced the knife in my every day kit.

Chris Crawford

I got Jason to make a Damascus knife with a stabilized Redwood burl handle for my fiance. It is very well balanced and as the steel runs down through the handle it will never break off like some other knives I have had, and it's very, very sharp. Jason also supplied a great sheath for the knife so it stays in great shape. Just a beautiful knife great quality. Would definitely recommend Jason to any one who wants a quality knife that will last a life time. We are very, very happy with it.

Christine Davis

I purchased a Damascus hunting knife from Jason a few months ago. I couldn't be happier. the knife arrived shaving sharp and very nicely finished. the Damascus pattern is awesome and the Australian Sheoak handles fit my hand perfectly. the tooled leather sheath is built like a tank and looks great to Iol. I will definitely be contacting Jason again to make my next knife, thanks

Ryan McDonald

I purchased a camp / bush knife from Jason a couple years back now and the knife has preformed very well and held a edge like no other. Great balance and feel to it I couldn't be happier with it. The sheath though basic is very well built and held together extremely well.

Avery Smith

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